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New things for me in KEHITYSVAMMATUKI 57 RY and Helsinki!

 Thanks to Heidi Rinta-Lusa, other staff of KEHITYSVAMMATUKI 57 RY, and all families I met, I could have a lot of amazing experience! There were some new things for me about support systems for children with special needs and their family.

1.     Most supports for children with special needs and their caregivers, are organized or supported by the government of Helsinki. I was so surprised because these facilities in Japan are organized by private companies or non-profit governments. And, such facilities don’t have enough money to offer enough services. City of Helsinki is an amazing city with kindness for people with special needs. I hope Japan also becomes such a society.

2.     There are many kinds of places where children can spend time with fun in Helsinki. For example, daycare, special schools, and facilities offering nice events like KEHITYSVAMMATUKI 57 RY. In Japan, many children with special needs are spending time in their schools, their homes or boring daycares (many daycares let children just watching TV or laying on a bed). 

3.     There are many connections between facilities and government, or facilities and facilities. I think a whole society of Helsinki is supporting all children and family with warmly. What a nice society!

 In Japan, many mothers cannot work or have own free time because of care for their children with special needs. I am trying to change this problem, so it was so valuable experience to know your Finnish systems. I greatly appreciate this opportunity and all your kindness! Kiitos!

Natsui Kyuji (久司 夏井)